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Are you looking to get something from us for nothing!?!? Well we find that perfectly... acceptable! If we can reduce your stress level by simply providing useful free content, then we have met our expectations for the day. Within this page we include some commonly used tools, as free downloads, that may help save further erosion of time from an already hectic schedule. We continue to scour our files, and the web to find these gems so don't reinvent the wheel- steal shamelessly from us! You will also find links to calculators and other tools that have helped us "get the job done" throughout the years. 

Tools for Risk Assessment and Process Control

  • FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis- If you have been searching for a worksheet/template to perform FMEA's with we have one for you! Click here to download.
  • Try our Control Plan template to see if your current control scheme is appropriate
  • AMI Process Lethality Determination Worksheet will help you determine how effective your thermal process is at reducing a quantified load of pathogens to an established confidence interval
  • Joint Institute of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) Resources for Food Safety Risk Analysis
  • USDA ARS Pathogen Modeling Program available for download here.
  • Organizational Risk Management (ORM) training provided by the U.S. Government

Conversion Factors and Calcultors

  • Easy to use Conversion Tool.
  • Well Developed Power and Sample Size Calculators. by Russ Lenth, Division of Mathematical Sciences, the College of Liberal Arts or The University of Iowa. Provides ease of use and interpretation. Detailed help files, notes and suggestions are provided for the Java applets.

The Book of Statistical Process Control

As an approved business partner with Zontec, we are pleased to offer:

   An excellent complimentary eBook to augment your SPC initiatives.

Relevant Articles and Books Composed by Doug Peariso

Food Safety Magazine Feb 2010

 TESTING - Identification of Plastics in Food: Challenges and Solutions 

     Food Safety Magazine - Feb / Mar 2010  

Food Safety Magazine Aug 2008

 Ingredient and Finished Product Testing For Extraneous Matter 

     Food Safety Magazine - Aug / Sept 2008  

Preventing Foreign Material Contamination of Foods  

 Preventing Foreign Material Contamination of Foods 

     Detailed Table of Contents


Other Tools

  • Engineering Statistics Handbook is an Excellent Resource for Learning Basic Statistical Methods for Continuous Improvement and can be used by More Advanced Professionals to Provide a Quick Refresher on Specific Tools
  • Excel Template for Competitive Analysis Using SWOT



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